Water Lily 2 cross stitch pattern
Water Lily 2 cross stitch pattern

Floral cross stitch pattern of Water Lily flowers and buds (Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn). It is an edible aquatic plant with pink to white flower petals. They are not true water lilies and are also known as Indian Lotus or Sacred Lotus.

These water lilies grow throughout India, Sri Lanka, Southeast Asia, New Guinea and parts of Australia.

Some lotus plants can live for over a thousand years. Their seeds can even germinate after long periods of inactivity. Amazingly, a 1,300 year old sacred lotus seed (± 270 years) was successfully germinated in 1994.

A large embroidery pattern that will take a little time to create. It is well worth the wait once you have a beautiful piece that you’ve created by hand.

A great cross stitch gift for a nature lover or an admirer of Ellis Rowan paintings. Get your creative juices flowing and dive into something new today!

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Water Lily 2 embroidery chart details

Stitch count:140 x 204 (12,357 total stitches)
Size:25.4 x 37 cm (10 x 14.6 inches) with 14 count Aida (not including margins)
Thread colours:59 DMC stranded cotton
Recommended skill level:Beginner / Easy
Stitch types used:Whole cross stitches
Tags:Ellis Rowan, Historical artwork
RRP:AUD $10.00 (price excludes GST/VAT)


Rowan, Ellis. (1887). Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn, family Nelumbonaceae, Herbert River, Queensland, 1887. National Library of Australia. http://nla.gov.au/nla.obj-138780065

Water Lily 2 source
Water Lily 2 source image

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