Historical Artists Who Inspired Our Cross Stitch Patterns

Historical artists
In the Woods at Giverny by Claude Monet1.

Historical artwork and scientific illustrations can provide much inspiration. With art giants like Elizabeth Gould we can’t help but be driven to create new cross stitch designs.

While we try to reproduce each historical artwork in its entirety, it is not always possible. Some artwork can only have a small part reproduced. We hope so you can still enjoy the vintage decor in your home.

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Sherman Foote Denton (1856-1937)

Sherman Foote Denton was a naturalist, taxidermist and artist. He was born 24 September 1856 in Ohio USA. His family were naturalists, known for their butterfly specimens. Sherman was a self-taught painter. In the 1880s, he created taxidermy specimens of …

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George Ashdown Audsley (1838-1925)

George Ashdown Audsley was born 3 June 1838 in Elgin Morayshire Scotland. He was an architect, artist, illustrator, writer and decorator. Also known as a pipe organ designer, he designed the Wanamaker Organ in Philadelphia USA. He published many books …

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Elizabeth Gould (1804 - 1841)

Elizabeth Gould (nee Coxen) was an artist and illustrator born 18 July 1804 in Ramsgate England. In 1829 she married John Gould, a naturalist and author. Her professional career began with ornithological drawings to supplement her husband's letters to his …

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Francois Levaillant (1753-1824)

Francois Levaillant (born Vaillant) was a French author, naturalist and ornithologist born 6 August 1753 in Paramaribo Surinam (Dutch Guiana). By 1777 he had moved to Paris and began a career trading in natural history specimens. Francois made three expeditions …

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John William Lewin (1770 - 1819)

John William Lewin was born 29 March 1770 in Stepney Middlesex (London) England to the painter, William Lewin. On 11 January 1800, John arrived in New South Wales Australia and become the colony's first resident professional artist. He produced several …

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Ellis Rowan (1848-1922)

Ellis Rowan (nee Marian Ellis Ryan) was born 30 July 1848 in Melbourne Victoria, Australia. She was an Australian artist and botanical illustrator. In 1873 she married Captain Charles Rowan. It was he who encouraged her to paint wild flowers. …

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von Wright brothers (1805-1906)

Born in Haminalahti near Kuopio Finland into a Swedish-Finnish family of nine surviving siblings, the three artistic von Wright brothers were: Magnus (1805-1868) - ornithologist known for his bird illustrations and landscapes, Wilhelm (1810-1887) - painter and amateur naturalist, and …

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