George Ashdown Audsley (1838-1925)

George Ashdown Audsley was born 3 June 1838 in Elgin Morayshire Scotland. He was an architect, artist, illustrator, writer and decorator. Also known as a pipe organ designer, he designed the Wanamaker Organ in Philadelphia USA.

He published many books which he co-authored with several people. His co-authors included his brother William, and his sons Berthold and Maurice (1865-1958).

Among his published works are:

  • Guide to the Art of Illuminating and Missal Painting (1861),
  • Handbook of Christian Symbolism (1865),
  • Keramic Art of Japan (1875) and
  • The Ornamental Arts of Japan (1882-84).

George died 21 June 1925 in Bloomfield New Jersey USA.

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