About Honeyeater Crafts

Honeyeater Crafts is 100% Australian owned and operated, located in Adelaide, South Australia. We design digital cross stitch patterns. For beginner embroiders through to stitchers with advanced needlework skills.

Our Etsy shop opened in April 2019. Starting with only a few cross stitch patterns in our shop, our range is growing.

Our beginnings

Honeyeater Crafts began “in the backyard at Mum’s”. To be more precise, in her lounge room when she asked me to convert a photo of my twin nieces into a cross stitch pattern.

I first thought about creating and selling counted cross stitch patterns in 2018.

Needlework crafts are a fun and fulfilling way to get away from the computer screen. This is a good thing when your day job requires you to stare at a screen for 8 hours, 5 days a week. So why not help others experience crafts too?

The business began after I encountered the watercolour paintings of John William Lewin. I had to convert some of them! Hence our business name ‘Honeyeater Crafts’. Named after the first Lewin watercolour that inspired me – the New Holland Honeyeater.

Yet ‘Honeyeater Crafts’ won’t be limiting our cross stitch designs to all things bee and bird related. Who knows, one day if you’re lucky, you might even discover a few dragon patterns in our range!

Honeyeater Crafts design philosophy

Over the years, I have seen many cross stitch designs that only look good when you stand back a good distance. Our belief is that a good cross stitch pattern should also look good up close.

Hence, Honeyeater Crafts advanced beginner designs (and up) use finer detail stitches. Advanced stitching techniques include quarter, three-quarter cross stitches, blended floss colours and backstitch.

These stitches are difficult to see at a distance – their value comes upon closer inspection. E.g., three-quarter stitches create a smoother curve.