John William Lewin (1770 – 1819)

John William Lewin was born 29 March 1770 in Stepney Middlesex (London) England to the painter, William Lewin. On 11 January 1800, John arrived in New South Wales Australia and become the colony’s first resident professional artist.

He produced several books of which few copies have survived. John intended the proceeds of the books would pay for his voyage back to England. However, the demand for Australiana in England had already diminished and he and his wife stayed in Australia.

While he never achieved much success as a publisher, his large-scale natural history watercolours were sought after. Many of his watercolours were illustrated on the 1815 official expedition to inspect the new lands discovered beyond the Blue Mountains.

John died 27 Aug 1819 in Sydney Australia, leaving behind a wife and son.

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