Contents of a Typical Pattern

Listed below are the typical items you will receive when you buy a Honeyeater Crafts downloadable cross stitch pattern.

PDF instructions example

Cross stitch pattern PDF instructions example


This PDF contains the following:

  • instructions and recommendations,
  • a photo of the finished cross stitch design,
  • description of the pattern (e.g. sizes),
  • DMC thread key/legend,
  • printable embroidery charts, and
  • a diagram of how to layout the chart pages (multi-page charts only, if more than two pages).

If required, we provide an alternate backstitch chart colour. This aids in distinguishing similar colours. E.g. where black and brown coloured floss occur, they may be shown as red and blue on the charts.

Chart Types

Where applicable, we supply two versions of each embroidery chart.

  • Multi-page charts – included as part of the Instructions PDF.
  • Single-page charts – provided as individual PDFs for easier use on devices e.g. iPad.

Symbols on Colour cross stitch chart

Included in all patterns.

Symbols on Colour Chart example

Black and White Symbols cross stitch chart

Included in all patterns.

Symbols Chart example

Colour Blocks cross stitch chart

Included in all patterns.

Coloured Blocks Chart example

Symbols-only, No Backstitch cross stitch chart

Sometimes the backstitch hides the symbols. As a reading aid, we provide a symbols-only chart with all the backstitch removed.

No Backstitch Chart example

Are our typical cross stitch pattern contents missing something?

Do you think a different cross stitch chart type or digital file format would suit your needs better? Do you think we are missing something from our typical pattern contents?

Please contact us with your suggestion.