Monarch Butterfly cross stitch pattern
Monarch Butterfly cross stitch pattern

An insect cross stitch pattern of a Monarch Butterfly (Danais plexippus). It is also known as milkweed, common tiger, wanderer, and black veined brown butterfly.

It is a bright orange, black and white coloured insect. Found in North America, Australia, New Zealand, Spain and the Pacific Islands.

An embroidery design based on a Sherman Foote Denton illustration from the book Moths and butterflies of the United States.

A perfect gift for a butterfly lover or creative crafters who love to dive into new embroidery charts. A great project for a cross stitch beginner to push their embroidery skills a little further.

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Monarch Butterfly embroidery chart details

Stitch count:80 x 52 (2576 total stitches)
Size:14.5 x 9.4 cm (5.7 x 3.7 inches) with 14 count Aida (not including margins)
Thread colours:14 DMC stranded cotton
Recommended skill level:Advanced beginner / Intermediate
Stitch types used:Backstitch, Three quarter (3/4) cross stitches, Whole cross stitches
Tags:Historical artwork, Sherman Foote Denton
RRP:AUD $8.00 (price excludes GST/VAT)


Monarch Butterfly (Danais Archippus) from Moths and butterflies of the United States (1900) by Sherman F. Denton (1856-1937). Digitally enhanced from our own publication.

Monarch Butterfly source
Monarch Butterfly source image

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2 thoughts on “Monarch Butterfly cross stitch pattern

  1. Sue Jaggar 3 years ago

    Your crossstitch looks good, and I like the fact that you have made it the correct colours and patterns for the Monarch, it is a nice change to see insects depicted as they are, rather than stylized.

    I noticed you have an incorrect scientific name for the Monarch. It should be Danaus plexipuss (you have Danais Archippus – which is an old regional name and also in scientific names the second word (the species) has all lower case). You are correct in that the scientific name should be in italics.

    Danais archippus was used in an 1886 publication on this butterfly, and it has been called various names since it was first identified in 1783, often this is because the first find in a new region it is not recognized as the same species as the one found earlier in a different location. The current accepted name for this species globally is Danaus plexipuss

  2. Natalie - Honeyeater Crafts 3 years ago

    @SueJagger – I like to try and make the patterns as close as possible to the source images, so thank you for your comments.

    I’ve changed the scientific name in the description. As the source citation used the old name, I’ll leave it as-is (capitals and all).

    I can’t believe I forgot to write the species name in lower case. Oh well, 20 years down a different career path from my Honours Zoology – some under-used knowledge was bound to fall out of my brain!